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Patriot America®

Most popular and low cost comprehensive visitors insurance with United Healthcare PPO network and directly billing. Includes travel insurance.

Visitors Insurance - Patriot America

Most people of ethnic origin in the U.S. have relatives living outside the U.S. Many of their relatives visit the United States. People in these cases are often worried about the enormous expenses that they may incur if their visitors were to get sick or injured while in the U.S.

As you know, domestic health insurance companies (with whom you are insured yourself, such as through your employer) will not offer your visiting relative the same insurance you have. There are only a few companies that offer visitors insurance. As a leading broker, we offer multiple visitors insurance plans to suit your needs.

Patriot America is a very popular visitors insurance plan. It has existed for around 20 years in the market and is one of the oldest. Patriot America participates in the United Healthcare PPO network and has many participating physicians and privately owned hospitals in the U.S.

Patriot America is a comprehensive visitors insurance that provides excellent protection. After you pay the deductible, Patriot America insurance pays 100% up to the policy maximum.

Patriot America visitors insurance also provides a prescription drug discount card that you can use to get discounts on not only the covered Rx drugs, but also for the drugs for pre-existing conditions for which there is no coverage in the insurance.

Plan Details: Patriot America® Visitors Insurance

After deductible, pays 100% (80% out of network to $5,000, then 100% ) to policy maximum.

Direct Billing: Through United Healthcare PPO Network.

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